Red, White, And Royal Blue

Red, White, and Royal Blue (2019) by Casey McQuiston is a queer enemies-to-lovers new adult romance that imagines a relationship between the son of the first woman president and the prince who is the younger brother to the heir to the throne of England.

Alex Claremont-Diaz is in his last year at Georgetown, living in the White House, when he creates an international scandal by drunkenly knocking down the wedding cake at THE royal wedding (modeled after that of Kate Middleton and Prince Philip). Among his family and friends, Alex famously hates Prince Henry, the younger brother, because he’s so perfect. After the cake incident, to repair international relations and appease the media, the PR people set up a weekend where Alex spends time with Henry for the social media opportunities.

From there, the friendship between Alex and Henry begins over texts and late night phone conversations, supplemented by brief interactions at official functions.

Eventually, Alex wonders if he might not actually be straight, especially after Henry kisses him in the Rose Garden.

I thought it was super-cute; I loved Alex’s relationships with his sister, parents and close friends, and I loved the fact it was a political novel as well. While there were no explicitly fat characters, there was also no anti-fat bias, so I would consider it weight neutral.

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