Finna (2020) by Nino Cipri is a jewel of a speculative fiction/ horror novella that can be listened to in just three hours! Nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, and Lambda Awards, Cipri gives us Jules and Ava, recent exes who work in the same big-box Swedish furniture store and are accidentally working the same shift, They try to avoid each other, but are thrown together when an elderly grandmother goes missing, and they discover a wormhole to another dimension.

Luckily, the corporate overlords have had experience with this situation (including instruction videos on what to do when a wormhole opens) and so the manager gives Ava and Jules the Finna–a device that tracks down the stray person. Not only is there another dimension–there are many–and Ava and Jules have to help each other decoding the cryptic instructions for the device, while searching for a “suitable replacement,” dodging carnivorous furniture, automaton employees, and monsters of all kinds.

It’s super-queer (one main character is non-binary/trans), anti-capitalist, without a hint of anti-fatness, There were no explicitly fat characters, but Cipri didn’t limit the characters’ body sizes with detailed descriptions. I highly recommend it if you want a quick, thought-provoking read that you will not forget, especially the next time you visit Ikea!

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